Further explanations

Stepmom: A label that seems to imply “part-time” or “second to…”. Our vast language has not yielded more appropriate word. Among attempts, I’ve seen Bonus Mom, Second Mom, Extra Mom, and Holly has taken to using “Everyday Mom.”

Evil or Wicked: These are terms I use to refer to my rebellious nature more so than their traditional meanings. I once made a comment to a co-worker about “blending in”, to which she replied “I don’t think you’re the blending in type”.

Natasha: Code names : Boris & Natasha, as in “Must get Moose & Squirrel!” Natasha is a life-long friend, former nanny, photographer and marketing diva by trade, and stepmom to Boris’ son.

Sleep deprivation: No matter the cause the effect is always the same – Random occurrences I cannot attribute to any other logical explanation. These will be logged as my “Insane Asides“. Deprivation is attributed but not limited to: sex, unsettled thoughts, children finding their way into our room at 2 a.m., finding a great book that’s hard to put down, dog barking at paper boy at 3:30 a.m, sinus pain, cat producing hairball or any combination thereof. Oh, did I mention we live between two fire stations? Really.

Birthday Party Sundays: The family has grown so large with spouses and kids that “Birthday Party Sunday” has been a tradition for decades. The second sunday of every month, a family member hosts the entire bunch for dinner, cake and presents for those with a birthday that month. We usually host at least four or five of them throughout the year because our house can easily accommodate the little soiree and, truthfully, I LOVE being hostess!!!!! Gifts, and who buys for whom, is assigned at the beginning of the year thanks to Excel spreadsheets.

Walmart: We put forth an effort to give this behemoth as little of our money as possible, and I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars here and there to support local business. I worked in Economic Development for several years, and I understand how important this is. But try as we might, we cannot justify paying $80 for a prescription to support a local drug store when Wally World has found a way to dispense the same drug for $5. Ugh.



6 thoughts on “Further explanations”

  1. I get it about The Antichrist — I mean, Walmart. I’m afraid only the rich can afford to stick by every expensive principle. If only they would.

  2. I refuse to walk into Walmart. I have seen them destroy small towns. From working in business I know how they beat up their suppliers (who in response must figure out how to make/cheapen/ cut corners so their product will meet Walmart’s always changing price point requirements. I have seen neighbors who had to have a job weep while working there on the job because of poor treatment. It may have started off as a “buy American” company, but hasn’t been for a long time. Odd how people don’t price check and realize Walmart’s prices sometimes are higher than other stores. I’ll buy elsewhere or do without….vote with your pocketbook.
    Oh, really enjoy your blog – sorry for the rant.

  3. Love it all, especially the sleep deprivation.

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