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I have been mired in the Bermuda Triangle [aka: subjected to non-stop bickering children has baked my brain like being stranded on a deserted island….]

Curious reporters and treasure hunters are swarming, hoping to be the first to find traces of the wreckage [That would be my mother harping for a visit and my step-daughters’ well meaning counselor wondering if I do enough to take care of myself….]

I have decided to build a fire on the beach and watch for rescue planes while sipping a cool drink out of a coconut while trying my hand at building a radio from the shell [That’s right, the Olympics baby!]

Holding on to one sign of hope, off in the distant horizon [School starts in 37 days…]

I still have enough strength to leave you with this  – a recipe for my favorite veggie (not only did I steal the recipe, but the photo as well):


Kohlrabi, not Sputnik.