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Love: Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Almonds.

Hate: Cinnamon Almonds are not available in bulk Costco-sized containers.

This reasonably sized 16 oz bag – NOT ENOUGH.

Love: Spiders, for eating all the other creepy-crawlies that completely freak me out.

Hate: Finding spiders anywhere near my bed.

Love: Tennis.

Hate: My son could beat me at by age of 12. (Did I claim I was good?)

Love: Sailing.

Hate: Any large-fanged, tenticled sea creature lurking below the water’s surface waiting for me to fall in. I know they’re there.

Love: My mother.

Hate: She is opinionated, brash, and (so far) always right.

Love: Disney World.

Hate: Disney World. (If you’ve been there, you know…)

That’s right – the song “Most Likely to Worm it’s Way Into Your Brain” has its own ride. Diabolical.

Love: Cooking & baking.

Hate: Cleaning up the mess.

Love: Shoes.

Hate: Hm, I got nothin.

Love: The idea of a Nook or Kindle. A portable library with no dead trees !

Hate: Manufactures can track what you are reading AND what you are highlighting. No thanks. & It’s still not a book. How do you draw little happy faces in the margins next to a really great paragraph?

Love: “Big Bang Theory” and “Will and Grace”

Hate: What if they are on at the same time? How would I choose ?

Love: Ben & Jerry’s [insert favorite flavor of the week].

Hate: The 20 laps in the pool it takes to burn off every spoonful.

Love: Blogging.

Hate: Only 24 hours in the day.

Einstein was working on this for us, right?

Did I miss anything, anyone else have one to share?

I leave you with this: