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My darling step-daughters bounced off the bus and officially into “Summer Vacation” yesterday at 1:27 pm eastern time. Translation: I can already see this is going to severely cut into my blogging/reading time. I mean to insult none of the fabulous blogs I follow, please do not take my impending doom lack of participation as anything other than “I am up to my eyeballs in ‘I can’t find my swimsit/ She’s looking at me/ We’re out of popsicles!”

Livin’ the life.

But for now, it’s time for the second installment of my favorite blog past-time: Let’s Check Search Engine Terms !

I have been searched out with the following:

“Juggling balls size chart” (…hmmm, gives me an idea….)

This is just BEGGING for its own post….

“Bad stepmom”

“Stepmom Tart” (Hey, that’s just rude!)

“Nikki Manaj’s t shirt”

“Photos of all things evil”

“Orc on a beach”

“Kept blindfolded” (I swear I have noooo idea…..)

“Walmart evil” (My job here is done!)

“Bugs Bunny test bomb” and “Anvil humor

Nonsense zen

And my favorite for this go around:

“Weeping children” (Ah, really, you give me too much credit !)