Nicole of “The Middlest Sister” has created a cut paper world, a trip into her childhood memories we can all roll our eyes at and think “…..oh yeh, I did that too…”. She’s over in my blogroll if you haven’t checked her out yet.

The Middlest Sister has reached quite the milestone  – her 5,000th subscriber !!!!

As in 5,000 !

Not only do I admire her talent, I am inspired by her accomplishment. (That sounds so much better than “insanely jealous”!) I like to think I will achieve this soon enough, I only need four thousand, eight hundred….nevermind, depressing.

To celebrate, she randomly picked 50 of her most “commenty” followers and put her unique twist to our gravatars. This is what evil looks like “South Park Style” !

Good right? Click here to see the others.

If you haven’t checked out her site yet, really, you need to. 5,000 of us can’t be wrong !

Well, I guess we could, but that would be highly unlikely, don’t you think?