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I may have found the perfect obsession. And the best part? No production crew showing up on my front porch. No episode of Hoarders in this clever gal’s future !

It’s quite challenging to hide a guilty pleasure for any length of time; which becomes part of the addiction. The drama, the excitement ! Staying one step ahead of those around you lest they discover your neurosis only fuels the fire.

So what is this fetish?

Is it Binging? Nooo, your ever-expanding bum will give you away.

Purging – your suspiciously shrinking bum….

Shopping – ensuing debt.

Collecting – storage issues.

Reading – even such a noble passion lures even the best intended down the path towards towers of books and newspapers sure to be read at some point, risking that production crew….

My Blog ! Completely gratis, calorie-free, no artificial colors, flavors or chemicals, odorless, paperless….Perfect !

I know, you are thinking “but what about the cost in time?” Not an issue ! The screen can quickly minimized or easily hidden behind actual work should anyone walk into viewing range. It can be hidden amongst daily chores. I have my recipes in a program now, so my laptop sits on the counter to allow effortless peeks at stats or new posts while cooking and baking. Plus, most would agree anything from an iphone or android doesn’t count.

And “Time” is only a relative concept, right? It’s the tree silently falling in the forest. I don’t hear a tree falling…what tree ?

My road to addiction started innocently enough; only following afew bloggers who found me early on, offering encouragement and advice.

This segment of the addiction gradually flourished as time passed and more bloggers clicked “Follow” and have left comments (Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!). I love checking in as much as possible with as many as possible.

Then it was my curiousity with “Freshly Pressed”. I do not read all of them; but find it hard to resist clicking on new subject matter or the lure of a great title.

Next, I discovered the Topics tab. How wonderful to narrow a search and spend an evening reading everything under “current events” or “humor”.

oh, look at the pretty colors…..

I could feel the black hole engulfing me when a blogger left a comment, innocently enough, stating they had found my blog via my comment and gravatar left on another blog. It was right there in front of me! Before I knew it, I caught myself clicking on the witty comments on other bloggers’ posts. I reasoned “Hmm, if their comments are smart and relevant, perhaps their blog is worth a look”.

Then it happened. The point of no return.


I noticed many bloggers display a Blogroll, providing immediate access to blogs that have already been examined and deemed worthy by bloggers I enjoy. New, fresh, pre-screened material with a click! And of course these new sites also have a blogroll, and they have a blogroll, and so on, and so on…..

Allow Heather to demonstrate:

Save yourselves, it’s too late for me !