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In a mere six seasons single women over the age of 30 were reduced to shallow, chain-smoking, cheating, burried-in-debt Shop-aholics…. that about covers it. Thank goodness we are no longer subject to that horrid little foursome. For those living under a rock or in North Korea, the show to which I refer is Sex and the City. I’m sure Sarah Jessica hoped she could bring depth to her role as Carrie Bradshaw, a sex columnist searching for love in New York. Each show would center around her searching for some truth in love, war, and dating.

A typical ‘Carrie Question’ would be: “Are we romantically challenged or are we just sluts?”

Just sluts.

My purpose is not to pick the series apart, I know better. There are way too many shoe-obsessed wannabe free lance writers out there that would poison my comment section defending Carrie and her posse as “free-spirited” ( a.k.a not a brain in their collective heads) and “independent” (a.k.a sluts). To all of them I have only this to say: No woman on the planet is foolish enough to dump an “Aiden-type” for a “Mr. Big-type”.

Sidebar: I just finished watching season one on DVD. I’ve caught afew as re-runs, and the curiosity finally got the best of me. Not to mention, my former sister-in-law never shut up about the plot line; I’m sure she has fed me enough trivia over the years to allow me to win if it were a category on Jeopardy. “I’ll take ‘Idiotic Fictional Women’ for $500 please.”

I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

My intention today is to comment on the one thing Carrie did get right: her shoes.

Few men, and not all women for that matter, seem to understand the power and draw of shoes. It’s the only way to explain the ability to walk out of the house wearing a simple pair of jeans and white blouse and still get compliments throughout the day.

Not everyone even notices the actual shoes, it’s the attitude that comes with wearing a fantastic pair of kicks like these babies:

All Hail Betsey Johnson

Despite my rather large collection, I am not shoe obsessed. I have reached an age in my life where my shoe size has not changed in decades. Let’s say I buy four new pair a year, they accumulate. And multiply, though I can not prove this.

Let me introduce you to Shoe Physics. In the same way a shoe can be the frosting on the cake, the inverse property is also true. Nothing can ruin a cute outfit, even a casual one, faster than throwing on a pair of bad shoes.

I have two shoe-peeves:

(1) The rubber flip-flops. (Or that jelly-plastic stuff. Ew.)

Hint: if you can purchase an item at a gas station, it is not meant to be part of your wardrobe. Beach or pool only.

If they can be worn in a public shower, they should not be worn ANYwhere else.

Simply add a t-shirt declaring “Eh, I gave up by the time I got to my feet !” and you’re ready to go. And let’s not forget about that clip-clap-clip-clap sound. Oh yes, nothing else says “I care about my appearance” more than an irritating noise announcing you’ve walked into a room. 

Womens Montego Bay ClubWomen's Renn Cork Wedge Sandal

…if you must flip flop….

(2) The Sneaker

In the adult world, we no longer have gym class. Unless jogging or walking the dog, there is no reason to be seen in any of the following:

The SOLE purpose of these is to be worn on a court !

There are options. “Comfort” is NOT an excuse. Have you met Mr. Fluevog? His shoes are not only works of art, they are incredibly comfortable. Pick a shoe, any shoe….

The genius of Fluevog…

This subject has become even more important to me now that I find myself trying to talk sense into two small girls. Fashion sense, cents sense, common sense…..I’ll settle for anything.

My collecting shoes, or their accumulation over many years (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) has made me an easy Target (which, also sells fabulous shoes by the way!). We all have our guilty pleasures; I have the comfort of knowing the shoes have a purpose.

And those who throw stones should not live in glass houses [filled with Beanie Babies or Tupperware !].


This post dedicated to the fabulous Megan – hoping your foot heals soon !