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You can thank me for that brain worm in about three hours.

Blog Awards/tags are so wonderful because it’s a great way to share sites with others. Todays post will be a three part-er; and I will be fudging on the “rules” abit (scandalous!).

Part A:

A former stand-up comedian finds me funny! (I’m taking that as a good thing, please don’t burst my bubble…) A new blog-friend has passed the ABC Award my way. If you have not come across Stacy over at From Nonsense to Momsense, I highly suggest you take the time to peruse afew of her posts. She has passed the ABC award my way; which requires I reveal facts about myself in alphabetical order (deep breath….)

Adorable (this is fun!), Brazen, Cat-lover, Dog-lover, Embellished, Fearless, Great cook, Harbinger, Idealistic, “J”, Kick-ass, Libra, M &Ms, Nomadic-Wannabe, Organized, Parody of my former self, Queen bee, Recipe-collector, Serial Killer (just checking!), Tattooed, Uncensored, Versatile (see part B), Wayward, X-Men Fan, Y not?, Zealous.


Now I get to pass this on. This is the perfect way share (cue Julie Andrews, Ms. Julie Andrews to stage left!) “…a few of my favorite things” with everyone:

1. Cassie Behle

2. Sandy Like a Beach

3. Girl on the Contrary

4. Everyday Mom Style

5. Jean Day Friday

Part B:

Susan at Su’s Art and Food, a blogger I have been reading for quite some time, has passed on the Versatile Blogger Award. I have tried many of her wonderful recipes, and she always has a great story to tell with each one. Part of this requires I reveal facts about myself, but ‘m going to be eco-friendly and recycle these. Next is paying it forward. For this, I’d like to give mention to some blogs I’ve come across recently.

Y’know, as a way to say “Hi, I’m watching you….” but not in a creepy, stalker-ish kind of way.

1. Girl in the Cat Framed Glasses

2. The Strugglers Handbook

3. Bethylicious

4. Healthy Coconut

5. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Part C:

And last but certainly not least is another new bloggy friend. Megan yields quite a powerful pen (& camera). Wth her “what not to wear” photos, she inspired me to clean out my closet! I have passed on the ABC Award to her above, but not before she sent the Sunshine award my way. So check her out, and take a gander at the sites I’m passing abit of Sunshine to:

1. Su’s Art and Food

2. Nonsense to Momsense

3. Nailing Jello to a Tree

4. Becoming Cliche

5. Good Humored

This should provide much weekend reading; don’t worry, no quiz on Monday !