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When asked “what is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner?” many would answer “the left-overs!”. Myself included. I purposely calculate and prepare at least 150% more food than we can possibly consume in a days time. Turkey sandwiches, homemade turkey noodle soup, turkey “shepherds pie”…..

To my dismay, this sentiment has not carried through for Easter. Our Family Egg Hunt has left us with an obscene amount of hard boiled eggs. I was hoping I’d have to throw a good portion of them away (exposure to the elements and all) but alas, this is not the case. I know, first thought is “No problem, eggs are versatile and a common ingredient…”

No ! They are hard-boiled, they are useless, USELESS for most recipes such as fritatas or quiche. I make a killer breakfast burrito -nope, doesn’t translate.

Happily colored hold-outs taunt me every time I open the refrigerator !

Believe me, I began the week with my typical, if not obnoxious, optimistic attitude. “A hard boiled egg will make a great, quick breakfast.” “Everyone loves eggsalad sandwiches” and lets not forget “I’ll chop them up and add them to salads.” If I sneak egg into one more meal, my family WILL turn on me.

My saving grace? The dog and the 9-year-old. Lula is thrilled with the fortune of having eggs sprinkled into what is, I’m sure, otherwise bland dogfood. And Holly can’t seem to get enough of them; however, I’m not sure I can stomach watching her eat one more. This morning younger sister Nola snipped at her “do you have to eat that by ME?”

My options are looking pretty sad; I am at a cross-roads. Do I pursue the culinary path further, risking a full mutiny with such creations as this:

Egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and deepfried - Wish I were kidding.

….or do I choose a craftier alternative, hiding them in plain sight…..

I think it could work...