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I came across this site (myheritage.com ) recently courtesy of booksnobbery. After only a week, the curiosity got the best of me. Not sure why it’s titled “My Heritage”, I didn’t really bother to read if there is an insinuation I share an ancestory with these people.

I find the results abit odd. Though while in my twenties, I cannot tell you how many times I was told I looked like Meg Ryan…so no surprise there.

I can even do that "Huh..." expression. No kidding, it got me out of a speeding ticket !

WISHING I looked more like Lee Young…I guess the program has a “what you would look like 20 years younger, thinner and Asian” feature. Yea, would kill for that hair, imagine brushing through it at a whim without a drop of detangler and it flowing in the breeze like you see in a beach-setting photo shoot. I bet she doesn’t have to buy Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” in the half gallon size.

Dont know who Cindy Margolis is – I’m guessing a “Housewife of a Gated Community in a Large City” ? She’s not that cute, so not even googling her.

But the “Inner 13 Year Old MJ” is giddy about being matched up with Daniel Radcliffe !!! I have often thought that Hogwarts Academy would have been the perfect incubator for me. Oh, how much I could have learned from Snape ! Growing up, I somehow knew boarding school was the place for me, though the choices of that era were mind-numbingly dull.

Not quite what I had in mind...though Jo and I could've run amok !

That being said, I have much in common with Harry….I’m thinking possible second cousin?

Harry has a scar on the forehead in the shape of a zigzag lightening bolt. I have a scar above my left eyebrow in the shape of a straight lightening bolt.

His parents passed away and was raised by an aunt and uncle. Many years of my misguided youth, I lived convinced my parents were merely nice people chosen to raise me while my real parents fullfilled their noble destinies saving the universe or something.

At a young age, Harry began to realize he had amazing abilities. Me too !

Harry chose to use his powers for good. Ok, jury’s still out on that one.

Which reminds me, if anyone has a great April Fools, let me know, I’m all out. My favorite, of course, is to wake up the kids saying “Guess what! No School !” wait for the ecstatic  “Yippee!” and then hit them with the announcement of what day it is. Being a weekend this year, I’ll have to tweak abit and wake them up as if they have to go to school …

Don’t judge – I have to keep up my “Evil” credentials or I get bumped down to “Average Run of the Mill Stepmom” status.

Meg photo: picturesofcelebrityhairstyles.com