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 Our local newscast ran a story tonight about the “Dangers of Daylight Savings Time.” Really, they did. I’m not funny enough to make that up. It seems the week after “springing ahead” accident rates increase, the number of heart attacks rises and work productivity decreases. The missing hour of sleep throws us off more than we realize.

At first, this did concerned me…giving up even five minutes is too much when the dog decides to come in and nudge me just before the alarm goes off. An hour can make or break my day.

After I thought about it however, I realized I was covered. Thankfully the Creator of the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, aligned the timing of this loss of sleep with two very important annual events to counteract any and all side-effects.

Daylight Savings is accompanied by the arrival of a dizzying array of sugary jelly beans in every store across the nation. Target has an entire side of one aisle dedicated to the colorful, yummy little confections in every flavor combination available. Sweet Tart beans, Sour beans, and the Ben & Jerry’s of the bean world – that’s right, Jelly Belly’s ! Do not mock; have you tried the toasted marshmallow, or the Dr. Pepper ? Key lime pie or strawberry cheesecake ? Who needs real food!

(Of course the Jelly Belly’s are available year round or at jellybelly.com. Check out the official flavor guide by clicking here. But the approaching arrival of the Easter Bunny means I don’t have to hide them in my Grandmother’s writing desk.)

But wait, there’s more.

If the sugar in these genius little nibbles aren’t enough to get you through the time change, there’s one more spring tradition that packs enough punch to perk up anyone’s day ~ the Shamrock Shake.

As the name suggests, it ROCKS!

I would join the campaign against the evil of McDonald’s fatty foods, but I would only be hurting myself. It’s a tradition habit I have proudly passed on to our kids, and they will thank me as they grow into adulthood and realize the importance of the synchronized timing of the shakes, beans and the idiocy of Daylight Savings. As I child, as far back as I can remember, my dad would take my brother and I and let us order the largest shake on the menu.

We would all sit quietly and relish the minty brain freeze.


……What time change?

(Photo : hungry-girl.com)