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I washed an iphone.

As in, threw it in the washing machine. One would think the time in the dryer would have taken care of the problem caused by the water, but one would be wrong.

Clark did own up to it being his fault. It was his phone. And his pocket.

But I felt I dropped the ball, being now the CDO. (Chief Domestic Officer). It’s not as though it’s a small phone; the new ones are actually abit larger, with the larger touch screens and therefore heavier as well. I was surprised didn’t catch on to it being there….


We spent the last week with it carefully next to a radiator. I intermittently tried a hair dryer. It looked as though it was dead. But then a co-worker told Clark they heard submerging a phone in dry rice would pull out moisture….so we gave our rescue efforts one last shot. “Insurance” on the phone still involved a deductible, plus the possibility of loosing any information/contacts. We took it apart and buried it in dry rice in a sealed plastic container as our last desperate attempt.

Holy Peking Duck, Batman ! It worked !

After the first day, it would turn on. Then on the second, we could noticeably see improvement on the screen and it now is fully functioning, with a small spot on the touchscreen showing abit of water yet.

So, I’m happy to pass on this bit of urban legend actually works ~ Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm betting "washing phones" didnt happen back in the day....