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To say I love reading the comments posted on my blog is quite the understatement. Comments are better than the french vanilla stuff I pour in my coffee. Now I have found an almost equally entertaining tangent to my blog: the search engine. My blog has been found by readers searching out such topics as:

“shut up Facebook”

“sarcastic thanksgiving” 

“angry clark griswold” (somehow I knew using that photo was a shrewd move)

“dwarf planet” (I assigned the alias ‘Eris’ in a past post…. to the dismay of the astronomy geek searching for actual information)

“snow white”

“confused reindeer”

“castles, haunted”

“cell block needed”

“evil blogger”

“humorous anvil”

“parenting, mistakes” (I am honored)

However this is the pinnacle ~ The feather in my cap! The one that has me singing the “Fame” theme song: 

“stepmom, evil, how to be”

I”m digging out my leg warmers !!!!!

" I'm gonna live forever, baby remember my name ! "

 Photo: popcrunch.com