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This morning we awoke to a blanket of pristine snow. From every window throughout the house is a view of tree branches frosted in icicles.

Snowflake under an atomic microscope (caltech.edu)

Living in Wisconsin years ago, I had many zen moments of peace walking my golden retriever through falling snow. I remember such quiet around us that I could actually hear the snowflakes landing. Long ago I fell in love with the beauty of a snowflake but I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff.

I dreaded the shoveling, the below freezing temperature and even colder “wind chill factor”,  and the insane drivers that should have stayed home because they do not have the skill to drive through it. Northern midwest winter mornings meant waking to find snow so deep the back door wouldn’t open. Even with a snowblower, clearing driveways and sidewalks could take hours. But because of the unseasonably warm winter, I am able to appreciate this morning for the first time in many years.

As I was logging in to read about school delays, I was thrilled to find an article on Yahoo. An artist named Simon Beck has taken the beauty of snow to a larger scale and I thought this was too amazing not to pass on.

Simon Beck, Artist/Photo

Simon Beck Artist/Photo

My Fav. Simon Beck Artist/Photo