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We are all guilty of saying something we regret from time to time. It amuses me, the way some are able to say the most idiotic things with a completely sincere look on their face as if they A) believe what they are saying and B) have no idea how awful they sound.

Most of us are born with that little inner voice that whispers “Shut Up, You”. Others may have a certain someone to inform them when it is time to “Stifle”.

Ironic…Archie was spot on when it came to Edith, yet he did not possess the ability to “edit” himself….

Archie is not alone; there are many who do not have editing tools. Thanks to camera phones and youtube; none of this goes unpunished and the rest of us have endless material for our amusement.

“This creates a niche” I thought to myself. I’m not sure how to parlay this into a full on award’s ceremony yet, a few details need to be addressed. By no stretch of the imagination is this deserving of a red carpet and couture gowns, but clearly these people are begging for attention. I’m thinking more along the lines of a beer tent and monster trucks. Oh – And fried food on a stick!

So without further adieu, the nominees for the First Annual Edith Award are:

Mitt Romney: For assuring the nation the safety net is in place, therefore “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” Phew, that’s a load off our minds !

Mom A: (Toddlers & Tiaras) This would be the mother who juiced up a pre-schooler on sugar and caffeine (Go Go Juice) to perform for … um ….. a trophy? ….in a room full of nothing but other stage mom’s and the cameras that are taping this Side Show.

She is special


Hint: when TLC shows up with a camera crew, you KNOW what you’re doing is wrong on some level…. “What Not to Wear”, “Hoarders”, “Police Women”, “My Strange Addiction”, “Mall Cops”…. My point is made.

Mom B: (Toddlers & Tiaras) For announcing (again, on camera) “My daughter’s hotter than yours”. I do not have a link, regretfully. I happened to catch this Mom-of-the-Year and her comment when I decided to actually watch an episode to see if it was “really that bad”. It is.

Kim Kardasian: For any and every time she ever proclaimed love for her husband of 72 days. Yes, another role model for young girls across this wedding-obsessed, commitment-phobic land of ours!

Captain ‘Chicken of the Sea’: If the alibi for abandoning ship is going to be “I tripped”, ya might want to at least make it look that way, perhaps break an ankle or something. (Though I’m sure it sounded more convincing in Italian….).

MIA: Most of us might find sharing the stage at a nationally broadcast event with a well-established name abit humbling. But really, why share the spotlight when a simple gesture can pull focus, at the Superbowl, from Madonna? Say what you will about the Material Girl, but even Madonna knew enough to behave. Another proud moment for women everywhere.


***Write-In’s may be considered. For example, Tim Tebow was on the list, but removed when God himself intervened and shut him up…. Because we all believe The Almighty cares about football.

“OK, The phone lines are now open for voting, or text your vote to …..”

I’ve always wanted to say that. But sorry, it’s my blog so votes have to go through me ! Mwah ha ha….


All In the Family: allstarpics.net

Mom A: Dailymail.co.uk

MIA: thesuperficial.com ( I swear !!!!!)