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A dear blogger-kindred spirit Sandylikeabeach has bestowed on me the craziest……

I feel there should be music or something.....

Let me back up. She and I have, on many occasions, blogged about similar subjects within hours of each other and get a kick from reading the other’s perspective. I have an uneasy suspicion this award is a set up. She’s over there cooking up a genius blog that gets her Freshly Pressed while I giggle and am kept generally distracted over here writing about glitter in strange places. And the lengths she has gone to….. I followed back her links; she has gone as far as convincing other bloggers to play along ! Oh, so very clever of you, Ms. Beach !

But being a good sport, and a lover of all things that glitter (time to re-think that statement) I will play.

The rules of engagement are as follows:

Thank the nominator. “Thanks Nom !”

Next, I must run across highway blindfolded. This I will gladly do – in Hartford, during rush hour ! (HA. Little do you all know …rush hour traffic slows to a mind-numbing pace a toddler on a Big Wheel could beat.) Bring it on !

Next, I must confess five things about myself that make others want to kill me. Ok. I’ll save the rest for another time:

1) I know enough random facts to sound intelligent on most subjects. My mom refers to it as being “a fountain of useless knowledge”. If I didn’t have a petrifying case of stage fright I would kick Jeopardy’s ass.

2) I don’t care what time it is. Except in a professional setting, or if a concert starts at a certain time, and I realize the kids need to be certain places at certain times; but trying to keep me on a schedule of “lets eat dinner at 6:00” just doesn’t work. My friend’s have whats called “Janet time” – they’ve worked out a formula to manipulate me to be where they want, when they want. (Yes, I’ve known about it for years. Like I said, I don’t care).

3) I’m not the best person to watch movies with. I can not keep my mouth shut when Bruce Willis is about to execute some heroic plan and announces he’s going to do so from, say, the 100th floor of the Empire State building. I’m sorry, no you’re not. Or the love interest of Mathew McConaughey suddenly has a hat on she didn’t a minute and a half ago. Until I get a job editing, I will continue to irk friends and family.

4) I’m indecisive about details. I am confident I could solve world hunger, but at restaurants, I will talk about what looks good, and then Clark usually orders for me.

5) I’m judgemental. Hard to believe, I know. And it rears its ugly head at very odd moments. A few years back, co-workers convinced me to watch the first night of open try-outs on American Idol; a show I deemed beneath me (see?). Did I watch more ? You bet. I needed the laugh, Saturday Night Live was having an off-year.

Next, I must list five things I’d be willing to stick up my ass if forced to. What terrorist lets their victim choose their implements of torture? Apparently, writers who live in the blogosphere. So go ahead, commence the torture. I choose:

1) Sunshine

Dont know which is the proton, but the colors are pretty.

2) Neutrons

3) Protons

4) Electrons

5) Nano-bots

And finally, I must pass this coveted award to five deserving bloggers. Though I did follow the award back afew posts, I’m fairly certain I can invent my own criteria. Sandy put me aboard her “Crazy Train” that made that imfamous left turn at Albuquerque; while she was named as part of a Prom Court.

I have found several Evil-doers I admire, and would so enjoy reading their answers to these bizarre questions. They are:

The Hook: Holding up a mirror to anyone that gets in his path. Be careful where you vacation! He’s beyond humourous, and married to a Vampire [lover].

Nailing Jello to a Tree: This is what publicly listing “10 Things I’d like to tell my kids but won’t” will get you.

Becoming Cliche: The Queen of Passive-Aggressive. I have much to learn!

Cassie Behle: Oh Mistress of the Pie Chart! Chart your way out of this one…..

The Ramblings: You’ll have to read for yourself, soooo many reasons this is right up her alley !

Now, I need to get back over to Sandy & see what she’s really been up to !

Photo: ektophase.com  (not even kidding).