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Have you ever put 2 and 2 together and come up with 7 ? I do this quite often. My ability has several applications, not just math.

When the synapses of my mind mixes a new career with memories of singing Neil Diamond tunes at age 10…what is the result? Gogo boots.

Allow me to demonstrate, just for kicks and giggles:

2 : A friend of mine has been a busy bee. After months of suffering at the hands of the economy and paddling upstream like a brave little camper, her efforts are starting to pay off (pun intended) in the form of finding work. Real, substantial “I can pay bills on time again” work. I am so proud of her!

2 + 2 : Then, this morning, I found myself laughing out loud at the photos my dear friend Natasha emailed of her and I in our first choir. I came to the realization that I do not know a single person who grew up to become what they aspired to in jr. High (thank God!) We were willing to endure the geek-apparell as we were sure that it could be the first step towards fulfilling our destiny. Tony Orlando would surely need new backup singers some day. Or dare we shoot for the stars, and hope for a falling out amongst the members of Abba? 

Apparently, Natasha’s mother threw away nothing that had potential of being remotely embarrassing at any point in the future. Be sure, I am most grateful Grete, Thank you !

Don't bother asking, I have no intention of pointing out my smiling face!


= 7 : Somehow, between the two, I started thinking about being asked as a child: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

So I put the question to the girls. (No need to ask Teen boy. While terribly sick afew years ago, he had several male nurses during his hospital stays. The idea hit him like a lightening bolt and that was it).

Holly is thinking of going into fashion; specifically, hair and make-up. OK with us me! I know women who will pay hundreds for a good cut and color and gladly tip well on top of that. Every time I braid their hair, I am planting the seed for the “family discount” I will have.

Nola plans to be a Project Manager. We are trying to determine how exactly she knows what that is at age 6. And just staying out of her way.   

Me? I haven’t decided yet…..

C'mon, I would totally rock the white boots !

Photo: celebsinfo.com