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A blogger by the name of Jakesprinter recently popped onto my site, so of course I followed the link back – I have found many talented people this way. His work is quite varied, and I wanted to share with all of you. Many of you may know of him already – he has 1,905 followers.

The print below is from one of the first posts I read, and right away I wanted to re-blog it. But what has really spurred me on are the countless conversations about the holidays, and a comment in particular from Tony at Barking in the Dark : “why don’t children get the “yippee, i got a chance to give something” put into their minds? and- all year ’round? it’s because of what this “holiday” season has long come to be.”

What happens to those in need after the holidays and the red kettles and bell ringers are gone? The collections for food drives mysteriously disappear, unless a naural disaster hits. Now that we’re all fat and happy and in our warm homes among our newly aquired possessions we didn’t know we needed until we were given it with a bow on top; I’d like to take this moment for a reality check:

Coffee and News by Jakesprinter

I am as guilty as anyone of giving during the holidays.
And not the rest of the year.