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As I sorted through lead “news”, I half-heartedly click on a MSN article entitled “52 Ways to Cut Fat in 2012“. Imagine my excitement as I realized I am closer than I thought to the foolish aspirations of my youth of being “SuperModel Thin”! Could this be the year I actually obtain the outrageous goal I hastily set late New Year’s Eve because the countdown has begun and I feel compelled to torture myself?

What is so encouraging is that most of these fat-burning suggestions I have already adapted into daily life. Envision the results if I could only focus; utilizing these tips all at once to transform me into that impossibly perfect, unhealthy, air-brushed image we’ve been brainwashed to believe is obtainable. Goodbye to shlepping around town; I will be the cool, fashionable mom.

With these tips, models everywhere will be able to eat again - and smile! (catwalkreport.net)

As noted here, I am well on my way:

Eat breakfast (and) Drink black coffee: Boosts metabolism by 16%. (Perfect – my favorite chocolate croissant tastes best with nothing else!)

Use public transportation: The added walking drops pounds. (Whenever possible. Easier to savour that hamburger from “Five Guys” when I don’t have one hand on the steering wheel.)

Blot pizza with a napkin: Removes fat and calories. (It would be silly to add extra cheese on top of all that grease. Yuk.)

Tabasco sauce: The Capsaicin burns calories. (No problem, very tasty on nachos and burritos.)

Sleep more: Those who sleep 8 hours are thinner than those who seep 5 hours. (After eating the extra cheese pizza, I need a nap anyway.)

Eat more fiber and whole grains: Roughage, feel full. (Check. We love hearty, whole grain bread right out of the oven.)

Increase physical activity: Walk, take the long route. Gym workouts don’t seem to be enough. (I am the proud owner of an exercise bike with a desktop – if I’m on the computer, I’m pedaling!)

Choose tuna packed in water: Not oil. (Most definitely the best with homemade mayonnaise.)

Drink cold water: Metabolism will increase up to 30% to warm the water to body temperature. (Who knew?)

Yogurt: Those whose diet includes yogurt lose up to 61% more. (Again, Who knew?)

Pump iron: Muscle burns calories. (Take out garbage & recycling; Nola’s piggyback rides; no one is ever around to help with groceries; how many trips up & down stairs…..)

Snack on almonds: High in MUFA’s (and yummy in Hershey bars).

Switch to Canadian Bacon: A leaner cut of meat. (Did someone say “bacon”?)

Add Cinnamon: Lowers blood sugar while increases rate sugar is metabolised. ( I don’t need a reason.)

Avoid Boxed baked goods: Homemade has less fat. (Who eats that stuff?)

Homemade, broth-based soups: Fresher, less fat, fewer chemicals. (Perfect for all the afore-mentioned bread!)

Lobster: Contains arginine, which helps to burn more fat. Also found in nuts, seeds and watermelon. (But ya can’t dip watermelon in melted butter and garlic.)

Standing vs. Sitting: Simple movement such as standing up can stimulate release of myokines, which kicks in the metabolism. (I’m a busy mom, who can just sit still? Just the simple act of watching the Nate Show…can’t reach the remote, need more popcorn, forgot to grab my tea….)

Spinach: Great source of iron. (Excellent in pie with feta cheese and a flaky phyllo dough crust)

Eat more eggs: It’s the perfect protein. (To accompany the bacon.) ::Remember, make sure the pig is from Canada::