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Spoiler Alert: Yes, I am going to discuss the final scene of the new Muppet Movie. No, don’t expect anything profound or thought provoking from this post. It really is 295 words about the Muppets.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 Singing Chickens (*)

If it wasn’t for the popcorn, I doubt I would venture into a movie theatre at all these days. What DO they put on the popcorn??? Sorry. However, I finally gave in when friends swore to me that this would not disappoint. I cannot say what the total price of admission for all of us actually was; I looked away as I swiped my card to avoid fainting.

“Focus. You are steps away from the popcorn.”

Nola could hardly contain herself. “Do you think Miss Piggy will Karate chop Kermit?” Thaaat’s my girl!

As the movie began and the story unfolded, I began to wonder if the writers may have “borrowed” from earlier movies – the style was that similar. Simple and saccharine sweet. I was so impressed with how well it remained true to original Muppet content. Character voices were spot on. Statler and Waldorf (the grumpy old men in the balcony) were in rare form, and Gonzo’s singing chickens were a blast from the past.

Yes, the Pig beat up the Frog.

What brought a tear of joy to my eye was the ending. Amy Adams plays “Mary”, hopelessly in love with her boyfriend of ten years, moon struck and pining for a marriage proposal. I was flabbergasted when it did not end with the sappy kiss and “happily ever after” Disney stamp! When she finally hears the question she had been yearning for, she looks into the camera and her answer leads into the final musical montage set to a classic Muppet standard:

Brilliant. I think Jim Henson would be pleased.

(*) As a reference:

5 : A movie I would actually purchase; have memorized every word yet cannot seem to pry myself from every time. Examples: Shawshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects (drama/action), Monty Python (any), The Princess Bride (romantic/comedy. Hey, if you havent seen it, don’t judge!).

4: Movies that I would purchase if on sale, know well and find hard to resist. Examples: most Gangster movies (drama/action), Star Wars (hoping teen boy does not see this is did not make the 5 group), Casablanca & most classics, Blues Brothers, Airplane, Bridget Jones Diary (comedy).

3: Movies that elicit the response “Oh, I love that movie!” but is not as great as those in the 4 and 5 category. Would not buy, but watch once in awhile. This is the “for fun” movie catagory. Examples: Comic book movies (Spiderman, Xmen), Pirates of the Carribean, the great scary/horror movies (ranging from Vincent Price to Rob Zombie’s “Holloween”) and dumb humor (I can’t help that Austin Powers & Young Frankenstein crack me up!) 

Anything rating lower, I will only mention as a “Don’t waste an hour & a half of your life”.