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This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to read that the excellent blogger of “Worrywart’s Guide to Everything/Diary of a Wimpy Mom” paid forward the Versitile Blogger Award to ME ! Yay!

Then, a sinking “OH #$%$ ” crept into my brain. I can only site the darkness of the 10 day power outage I experienced as a viable (although NOT valid) excuse: On October 23rd, Charles Gulotta of “Mostly Bright Ideas“, gave me quite a surprise by listing my blog in his mentions for the Versatile Blogger Award; I did not have the chance to properly acknowledge this honor. Then on the 25th I opened my email to see that “Sandy like a Beach” has also listed me in her nominations. As if that were not enough, Tony Powers of “Barking In the Dark” has also paid me the honor of mentioning me. Not only have I received wonderful comments and support from these talented writers, but they have fostered my posts with the most helpful advice. Cue Barry Manillow “This one’s for you, where ever you are…..” To say I “recommend” reading their blogs would be an understatement. I issue the disclaimer: when first visiting these sites, allow sufficient time. These posts are like potato chips, you can’t have/read just one.

I am a fortunate gal. And deserving of a thousand lashes with a licorice whip! My deepest apologies for not acknowledging these great folks in a more timely and deserving manner. Perhaps I should introduce the “Naughty Blogger” award, using the criteria set forth in “Miss Demure Restraint” s recent blog reviewing proper behavior within the blogosphere!

As I understand, the Award works thusly: (if in fact, “thusly” is a word)

1. Thank and link the person that nominated you. Check.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself. Oh boy.

3.Pass the award onto 15 others. I can only pick 15?

4. Contact the newly awarded bloggers. OK.

So, next is to share random facts:

1. I only have one tattoo – a blue moon on my back left shoulder. Why only one? I have other sketches in the works, but have not been able to commit to a final draft or decide on fitting location of my next one. (Its been years….)

2. I’ve mentioned we are not TV people. Not because we don’t like it, but because we are trying to save the kids from our addiction (thus explaining my many references). Don’t get me started on The Big Bang Theory, What Not to Wear or anything on Food Network !

Is there anything funnier? Nope.

3. I have no use for snow. It’s cold, a pain to drive through and difficult to shovel. But I am fascinated by snowflakes. I have a book of photography of flakes taken under a high-powered microscope that blows my mind.

4. I’m an adrenaline junkie. When I was younger, my dad started me out with roller coasters; as a teen, I spent my time skateboarding, rock climbing & repelling. Now, I have fallen in love with sailing which is insane because I have an irrational fear of deep water.

5. I will drive around the block if a good song is on the radio/itunes, even if I own it & can just play it again later.

6. I hate shopping. HATE. If an item of clothing is not spectacular to catch my attention as I quickly do a “run through” of the store or resale shop then I don’t want it. (Though normally cheap, I will gladly pay shipping to avoid holiday crowds.)

7. I promised my 9th grade english teacher I would someday write a “great american novel”. I’m hoping blogging will help….

And that about covers the “More than you ever wanted to know” portion of the program.

I really don’t see how I can only pick 15 bloggers. Fine. I can eliminate a few because I think they’ve been on previous award lists. Spread the love! I have not been in Blogland long, but these are the ones I simply can’t stay away from (besides those mentioned above, of course):

1. Some Species Eat Their Young. (He refers to a child as “tax credit #4” and says many of the things I tell myself I should not, so I live vicariously through him.)

2. Byronic Man (I have LOL’ed at his essays on dental floss; having a Nemesis; and this week, he’s applying to be an astronaut.)

3. The Ramblings (Tori won my heart with her politically incorrect post written in ebonics. She’s “Phat”!)

4. Ruminations of Jess (Love her!)

5. Signature Ala Mode (Because I never have a thing to wear).

6. Words One Hundred (Blogs written in exactly one hundred words; it’s fascinating).

7. The Pursuit of Hippieness (Great stuff, recipes, always something new. Oh, “versatile”!)

8. Leslie Carter Adventures (I believe she has hijacked my life in a parallel universe, but I have yet to find solid proof).

9. Nailing Jello to a Tree. (Lets just say “I relate!”)

10. Kana’s Notebook (Smart, relevant and yet funny enough to write about tattoos and granny panties)

11. Spectacular Disaster (Aspiring mermaid and design student. Spectacular, yes. Disaster? Not so much)

12. Winsomebella (Hoping some of her maturity and wisdom might rub off)

13. Cassie Behle (Witty AND a painter? I think she got in line twice)

14. Domestic Rebel (Cupcake obsessed recipes with a hint of Sarcasm!)

15. After the Market (Susan & EJ are lean, green blogging machines, and they’re so darn cute!).

Please take time to peruse and enjoy. And again, my deepest gratitude to those encouraging and validating my insanity.