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Driving home from Nola’s soccer game late this morning, Clark mentioned he planned to spend the afternoon on the upstairs remodeling project. I understand, this being quite an undertaking, his mind was already engrossed with assembling his plan of attack. But in the interest of simply keeping each other on the same page, I responded that I had several little details on my list. The following conversation transpired:

Clark: “So what’s on your list?”

MJ: “When we get home, I’ll throw together lunch, then I need to get the roast for tomorrow going & get the birthday cakes in the oven (*see below), then I have to make a run to pick up your Elaine’s birthday gift & then I’ll be home to do the girls’ hair & start dinner.”

Clark: “Okay. So where are you having lunch with Elaine?”

I read that Albert didn't remember details like his address. I guess it's all relative !

***Clark is the fifth child out of ten. The family has grown so large with spouses and kids that “Birthday Party Sunday” has been a tradition for decades. One sunday of every month, a family member hosts the entire bunch for dinner, cake and presents to honor those with a birthday falling in that month. We usually host at least four or five of them throughout the year because our house can easily accommodate the little soiree and, truthfully, I LOVE being hostess!!!!! Gifts, and who buys for whom, is assigned at the beginning of the year thanks to Excel spreadsheets.