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Driving around, this is what we found every few hundred yards. Tree after tree entangled in the powerlines

October 29th- power goes out about 1:15 p.m.

November 4th- we are granted electricity for about 4 glorious hours.

November 5th- again given power long enough to get the second load of laundry in and partically dry before the house goes black again.

November 6th-no power, finally to return about 10:15 p.m. (which we were grateful for as the temperature in the house was approaching 50 degrees).

November 7th – no power, finally back on as of now (8:15 p.m.)

I do not have confidence that I will have internet for long, so this post again will be short, I have afew comments I really want to read and respond to. I have been writing through out, and am looking forward to sharing this whole experience. I have to say this has taught us all many of those life lessons I thought were so sweet when watching the Waltons or Ingalls years ago – who knew it wasn’t all just a script!

We have heard that transformers have blown out as neighborhoods are attempting to be reconnected – it’s a case of perpetual “One step forward two steps back”. But my baffles me the most is that tree and linemen crews were actually taken off work because they were found to be non-union. I reeeeally don’t care who is restoring my way of life. Union, non-union, circus performers – anyone capable of reaching the wires ! We saw Cirque de Soleil in September, I am certain several of the acrobats would be quite helpful in this situation.

More damage.....

I don’t remember a time when I experienced such a range of opinion regarding a single subject as I have this week. I have never been so happy to see a linesmen in a reflective vest as I was when one appeared in our yard friday afternoon. These dedicated guys have been putting in 16 hour days all week! Yet I, like many in CT, cannot get our minds around what the clown(s) in management are thinking. I cannot fathom being this unprepared for emergencies.

I will start sharing our experience soon, hopefully in the next few days – they are now promising restoration by wednesday.

Good Night MaryEllen !

Good Night JohnBoy!