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"Cha Cha Cha Chia !"


 We all know and loathe the commercial. About a year ago discovered the rest of the world hails chia seeds as an “ancient super food”; Americans spread them on pottery.  As most days, that irritating jingle pops in my head as I stir afew chia seeds into my green tea and it always makes me giggle. And then cringe when I think of my part of the collective stupidity that would rather buy things like pet rocks and drive-thru burgers. Perhaps the Chia Pet was an attempt to create a cute and cuddly character for marketing purposes gone astray. A faulted attempt to compete with the iconic junk food.

The Usual Suspects

I imagine the brainstorming session of Madison Avenue Ad Men to be something like this:

“You want us to sell seeds? Insanity!”

“Oh why, oh why didn’t we get the toy campaign those guys across the hall were assigned…..”

“That’s it! Make them into a child’s curiosity. How about spreading them on a clay animal……”

And another item for “Only $19.95 plus shipping” was created. Allowance money well spent, as were my purple unicorn shoe laces and Dr. Pepper Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker.

I am a relatively new convert to this little food gem, and I do mean little. The beauty of it is they look like pepper and only a small amount is needed (and recommended because they absorb water) to get the benefits. I sneak them into food (baking, tomato sauce, scrambled eggs). I normally try to teach the kids about nutrition and what they’re eating but Nola has a thing about seeds. Her six year old brain is not yet convinced an orange tree will not sprout out her nose if she swallows an orange seed. I really cannot fault her for this, if I only weighed 36 pounds I’m sure this might be a concern of mine as well. Ya gotta pick your battles, am I right? So there is the occassional “stealth food”, I do have the title of “Evil” to uphold.

 I am incapable of dieting. Can’t do it. But should a bacon bar get the best of me, I don’t feel the need to eat quite as much if I’ve been sipping seeds all day.

 [Shameless plug] Vosgeschocolate.com.

Wait. how did this get in here....

….that’s better

Just the facts: source of Omega-3, high infiber, calcium and antioxidants, lots of vitamins and minerals. And the best for last: because they absorb 10 times their weight in water, the seeds slow digestion, keep you feel full longer and control spikes in blood sugar. Blah blah blah. Instead of me recreating whats already out there, go to YouTube and type in “Chia seeds”. Or google or bing it. Most vitamin and health food stores stock chia, it’s not hard to find.

Or you can just wait for the late night commercial and call the 1-800 number!