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I am fully prepared to have my brain frozen so I may one day have it out with Mr. Disney.

Our girls are obsessed with the Damsel in Distress/Princess syndrome. Try as I may, I cannot seem to convince them that marrying the prince is not the end of the story but the beginning of a lifetime of commitment and work. For two girls who have lived through and seen first hand the effects of divorce, I am shocked at their ability to cling to this idea of happily ever after.

I now treasure being a stay at home mom, but can’t help doubt the decision I’ve made to trade my former life in Economic Development for my current single goal of being “Mrs. Cleaver meets Nate Berkus”. Although I met the girls years ago when I was doing the SuperWoman thing – career, home owner, travel soccer mom, I wonder if I am now feeding the delusion.

My sociology course of long ago did not equip me with the proper response to comments such as “Barbie is getting married – Again” or “Daddy loved our mommy sooo much and they got married….” Every fiber in my being wants to respond: “And how did that work out?”.

I admit growing up I loved the fantasy and secretly harboured the hope my “real” parents, the King and Queen SparkleTopia, would eventually come looking for me. But I did not wish upon a star for Cinderella’s glass slipper or Sleeping Beauty’s…..her…ah…what WAS that hot mess all about…..

I can do that !

I realized at a young age all the power was in the Godmother’s Magic Wand. I wanted one in the worst way. And we must give Snow White credit due. How did she get all those men to mine jewels for her, and teach woodland creatures to accompany her in song at her whim?

Soapbox Alert:

It is possible it’s not Mr. Disney’s fault. Perhaps we are raising our kids to fall prey to the promise of a “quick fix”. Television, along with any average bride-zilla has us believing its all about the cake and the dress, not preparing for a life of commitment. We know how to “get married” but the art of monogamy is fading. The dude on the white horse may make his entrance, but Princesses may be left staring in the “Mirror Mirror on the wall” wearing last season’s Jimmy Choo’s wondering why the carriage turned back into a stupid pumpkin.

Surprisingly, Clark is not much of a help. He has been under the spell of the idea of constructing and then locking them away in a tower for quite some time.

Perhaps the answer is popping the popcorn, curling up in the big overstuffed chair and letting the faery tales collide. Thank you for enduring my rant. I do not condone book burning, however I have a few DVD’s I need to accidentally run over.


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