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 It seems in effort to avoid doing task “A”; items B, C, and D get checked off my list.

Color coding - a great distraction

Ergo, procrastination can be quite productive. I recently came a pon a post pondering procrastination, which lead me to postulate. No, not “how many words starting with the letter “P” can be strung together?” I was of the belief procrastination was somewhat of an art form, one of few I have mastered. I have been using this ipad gizmo with a great schedule feature on it, but I must admit the main attraction is having a new distraction to frivol away even more time. I now realize the flaw in my thinking. 

I love having a very well-stocked library visible from our upstairs window. Most days I enjoy a trip to the library, but I know that it can turn into an afternoon-consuming event once the scent of old dusty books infuses into my bloodstream and therefore eighty-sixes the hope of accomplishing anything further. For no pragmatic reason, my brain will decide I simply do not want to do something. I submit the following:

Clark:”Hey, did you have a chance to clean the gunk out of the pool filter?”

Me: “No, but I mowed the lawn, made cupcakes, cleaned the windows and wrote a novel !” 

I’m a lucky gal, I share my life with someone who seems to understand, or at least tolerate my habits. But being smarter than the average bear, somehow he has learned to manage this flaw. No one relishes the privilege of cleaning anything remotely slimy, but my procrastination knows no bounds:

Clark: “Did you remember to drop off the library book?”

Me: “Sorry, no…. by the time I finished with the pool filter, I forgot”.