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“Holly says she’s going to tattle if I throw anything at her!”

What is an Evil Stepmom to do?

A) Take the opportunity to discuss throwing things at people.

B) Point out to the small child she is doing exactly what she is complaining about – Tattling. On herself.

C) Attempt to address the attitude and tone. (Arms crossed over chest, foot stomped in self-righteousness).

D) Send child back to where she came to see who survives until dinner.

This played out with Clark and I starting with A and B. But truly, a six-year old cannot be reasoned with. We’ve been trying for, well, six years. In hindsight, the only advancement made was in the degree of drama. Not a single expert will agree with me, I’m sure, but sometimes as parents we can only hope to minimize frustration. Next time we will be taking the shorter, more direct route straight to “bad idea”.

Despite our efforts, we landed on option D.

We are not Ingalls approved.