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We’ve taken dessert off the table. I apologize for that, though I’m not removing it, I got nothin’ else. Truly, not trying to be mean, but I do not want the kids picking up our bad habits.

Our hand was forced. Yes, that’s the adult version of “she made me do it!”. Dinner conversation had to be edited down to two minutes or less = the amount of time between one of the girls asking (then escalating to whining) if they had eaten enough to have dessert. Oh the drama and debate! We did try a few strategies, but the debate was always there. At first it was not such a horrible thing because Nola’s favorite dessert was an orange. But we were finding they were eating less and less of the main meal, waking up “Starving!” and way too early. So early that Nola would eat and go back to bed! Oh, yes she did.

For the last year or so, our new arrangement has been fairly basic. On weeknights, dinners are the June Cleaver, balanced meals. Dinner is just dinner, eat until you are comfortably full and go on with your night. No more bargaining. Desserts have been delegated to special occasions and weekends.  Weekends I stick to things I know they like (homemade pizza, anything over whole grain pasta, throw something in crock pot, etc). This also works for me because weekends are crazy and these types of dishes are easy. 

And dinnertime now? We begin with the question all children dread “What did you do at school?”. When we feel we’ve extracted every last detail, we then torture them with lengthy, excruciatingly boring details of our day. It’s sweeter than dessert. (or I can always hit my jellybean stockpile behind my shoes.).

Score one for Evil Stepmoms.

Not quite ready for Buckingham Palace

I cannot diet. No willpower whatsoever. Here are two quick, no bake favorites that won’t totally derail the day:

Raspberry Bananas:

1 pint raspberries

1 tbsp sugar

1 & 1/2  c. yogurt (plain or vanilla)

4 bananas

Crush berries in a bowl with a fork, stir in sugar (sugar can be left out, but berries can be tart to kids) then stir in yogurt. Refrigerate for the afternoon to let set (or make day before, can be left overnight).

Slice each banana into a dish. Spoon raspberry yogurt over the top. That’s it!

Better Haystacks: Remember Haystacks made with those crunchy chinese noodles? Make it with Fiber One cereal instead:

1 c butterscotch chips

1 c semisweet chocolate chips

2 c Fiber One

Line cookie sheet with wax paper. Over very low heat, stir chips until melted. Stir in cereal.

Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper & let set in refrigerator.