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Mom Logistics: the coordination, systematization and otherwise masterminding of all persons, animals and/or inanimate objects within a household at any given time.

The Genius of Mario and Miuccia Prada


I am more than aware of the importance of first impressions and am willing to admit my love of all things Prada. I’m just not willing to pay retail for any of it. During a college vacation, I was given a gift – a job in the back office of a major department store during the Holiday rush. I cannot describe the pit in my stomach when I realized the difference between the price the store paid for an item vs. the price it was sold. Shock & Awe!

 Resale and Vintage shops solve three wardrobe issues. First is “I have nothing to wear”- go buy something for $5.00. Second, you avoid having a wardrobe everyone else has. Also gone is the off-season storage issue. Sell it all back to a different store or on eBay and buy new for the next season. Hmm, I have a friend turning a profit; why am I not focusing more on that? This method does have its downside. Once, I walked out with only a single J. Jill skirt. And there are times when the girls have to settle for Aeropostle written across their chest instead of Justice. They’ll get over it. Or they won’t and can start their own blog someday.

Groceries are a bit trickier. I am not willing to give our menu over to “but the coupon is for…”. The concept of stock piling basics does allow more flexibility; I’m a bit flighty and some nights prepare dinner based on what I feel. But we are big produce people, so I just try to stay within my “budget” and worry more about nutrition and quality. Coupon sites do help abit.

Some fear being caught unprepared or paying five cents too much for a can of something no one wants to eat. I fear approaching survivalist level and banjo music playing when I open my pantry.


 I have a bazillion short cuts. Today it rained, which triggers a switch in my danish genetic code to bake something. I learned many years ago after one too many last-minute bake sales that “drizzling” is easier than “frosting”. I am a huge, HUGE fan of cut out cookies (and will spare you my Ode to Cupcakes routine for now) but they are time consuming. One afternoon a voice guided me (yes, it was a Martha Stewart article) to closely line up the cookies and “drizzle” the frosting over the entire batch in a matter of seconds.

(almost) everyone loves cupcakes

NonMorningPerson as well as NonStepMom so I make breakfast days in advance. 

Whisk dozen and a half carton of eggs with just a little milk, stir in whatever (diced: leftover ham or sausage, tomato, spinach, a little shredded cheese….) pour in baking dish and bake til set in center (about 20 minutes) at 350. Keeps well in frig & family microwaves portions as needed. ***Buys you 2 hits on the snooze alarm.***

I own a pasta machine, I use it for crafts. I use store purchased wonton sheets for ravioli and no one has caught me yet.

My grandmother taught me the wisdom of “do not do something for a child they are capable of doing themselves”. I do the laundry & dress clothes (Clark does not deserve pink underwear, and I’ve given up enough shrunken sweaters) but each child folds and puts away their own.

I am a “No shoes in the house” kind of mom. A simple reminder of “Next person to forget has the honor of mopping the floor with me” works wonders. (Our tile kitchen floor is 27 x 27  ft.)

The “Clean House” Illusion: figure out the path guests follow, and start regular cleaning/organizing with that first. Other rooms have doors for a reason.

My No Clutter mantra: “Put it away or throw it away”. (Harsh but effective).