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  Note to self, new blog subject: “avoid repetitive redundancy in titles”.

I'm sure I don't know where they get it from

Anyone raising a girl has had to explain, persistently and in great detail, why exactly she is not allowed to leave the house in that outfit. I am really good at this because I learned from the best – my mother. What has taken me by surprise is the variations of this debate I have already encountered given their young ages of 8 and 6.

We all love Lady Gaga, though my son and I are faithful followers of Disturbed and Godsmack (again, another blog). Singing and dancing to Gaga, Beyoncé and the like is really quite infectious. However I was not informed that this would translate into dressing like them, and was caught quite off guard when back to school shopping. Many may recognize the scenario that occurred after I had to reject several clothing items: 

The hip jets out, one hand is placed on hip, and the other hand waved in the air as it is announced “It’s my body, you don’t get to decide what I wear”.  At the time, the only response I could muster was “No, your dad does. So do I have to buy {said item} only to return it after your dad flips out?”. Once home, Holly thought she could argue her case by pointing out my fashion short-comings using the afore mentions pop artists as examples. After a few minutes, it became clear that she believed what Lady Gaga meant by “Born this way” was never being denied ginormous heels and turquoise lipstick. She was convinced that Beyoncé’s mother most certainly let her wear spandex in the third grade or she would not be where she is today.

God heard, and the Universe decided to lend me a hand. The very next day msn.com ran an article showing high school photos of celebrities, and guess who was among them. Oh Joy! I owe Mom Knowles a huge debt of gratitude. Beyoncé’s pic showed a smiling young girl in a white sweater and small cross necklace. Lady Gaga had a plain t-shirt, little if no makeup at all and her natural hair color. I was able to show the girls that these women grew up wearing the same boring jeans I now subjected them to. I talked to them about what it means to have a Stylist and “hair and make up people”. I think they are closer to understanding that Gaga attended New York University’s School of the Arts first. She was not made famous by a record producer walking down the street, seeing a girl with green hair, and exclaiming “What an outfit, who cares if she can sing!” (Though I’m sure that happens as well, judging by most of the pop genre).

Nola’s wardrobe issue takes place on an entirely different playing field. Her and I were picking out a sun dress for a birthday party. I told her I thought she looks cute in her yellow seersucker. “Oh no MJ, I’ve already worn that one in Connecticut….but I haven’t worn this pink one since Philadelphia, so I should wear this one.” Jackie Bouvier did attend school here, but I did not anticipate her influence by mere osmosis. Seriously, is she concerned she may be photographed for the Society page of the New York Times wearing the same dress twice? 

Channeling Jackie O

We have not yet hit middle school, and I’m already exhausted.

“I’m beautiful in my way, Cause God makes no mistakes

I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way”. 

~Ms. Germanotta